LOCATION: Historic Haralson, Ga.


Haralson is an excellent location for filming if you need an Early 20th century small town or agricultural setting close to downtown Atlanta.

  1. Flexibility

  2. Several historic buildings with vacant lots for creating additional structures

  3. Specialized sets can be added

  4. Need to crash a storefront?

  5. Space for staging

  6. The 6000 sf general Store is a perfect place for staging set dressing and for property storage

  7. Large truck parking adjacent to the set

  8. Control of the whole environs

  9. You can control an entire block with only two owners who work together to make your production easy.

  10. Wide variety of building types

  11. General store / 

  12. Small  Shops

  13. Barn / Hardware store

  14. Cotton Gin

  15. Feed Mill

  16. Silos

  17. Farm house



Town Street

General Store

Farm house




1890-1938 Period Location